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Cornelius (Con) Sheehan Jr., LCSW. Marriage, Couples, Individual Therapist
Whether you (or your partner/spouse) have been to a therapist before or this is your first time, welcome. 

Difficulties with relationship, sexuality, loss, internet abuse and/or addiction can bring painful feelings (sometimes symptoms of depression or anxiety) others may not grasp- but that can respond to professional help. These issues may be difficult to talk about- and at these times it's easy to feel misunderstood.  Throughout our time together I aim to fully understand your experience by listening without judgment, validating painful feelings and then helping you reach beyond what seems possible right now. Focusing on what is most important to you is essential to an effective counseling relationship, and a major factor in getting the most from your individual therapy, marriage therapy or couple counseling sessions.  We begin the process of meaningful change during our very first session.

An initial objective for us is to clarify what's going on and what relief would look like for you. Clarity continues as we explore current thoughts and feelings in the context of your whole life experience. As our work together progresses you'll begin to gain new awareness, flexibility in decision making, and a better understanding of yourself and people in your life.  My general goal is to help you get back on the path of living in a personally meaningful and fulfilled way, and for you to feel more confident about creating and sustaining healthier relationships.  

My approach to
couple counseling, marriage therapy and personal counseling is individualized and based on your specific circumstances.  A good fit between client and therapist is highly important to the success of therapy- so I look forward to time with you to answer questions and discuss my approach prior to you scheduling an initial appointmentOur work together is discreet and confidential.

and weekend sessions may also be available.  I use VSee for tele-sessions if you reside in Nevada (I am licensed in Nevada and cannot work with clients in other states) and have difficulty attending in person.   

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Cornelius (Con) Sheehan, Jr., LCSW

Nevada License:  5605-C
Couple Counseling and Individual Psychotherapy
Clinical Intern Supervisor

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